We are ROUTE 67 a clothing brand located in Athens, Greece. We have 9 years of presence in the local market and our shops are located in the heart of the historic area of Athens, Plaka-Monastiraki. We design, make and sell our very own clothing line for men and women. All produced in Greece.

The idea was always here and in 2010 we started working on it. We wanted to create a clothing brand based on our aesthetics, style and the experiences we have gathered from travelling around the world. In 2014 the dream comes true. Our flagship shop at Plaka open its doors and we are very excited. The trip has just started. 

After five very successful years in the industry, your love and support boosted our confidence and motives. Therefore in 2019 we decided to offer a new selling point to the Athenian market. ROUTE 67 - Monastiraki shop at the famous market of the center of the city. The next stop was the launch of our online-shop. ROUTE 67 clothes are now available worldwide.

What's next? We cannot really answer that, that's the beauty of it anyway, the beauty of the trip we have started more than 9 years ago. We can assure you though that we love every step of it and we will keep offering exceptional quality of products and services. Stay tuned!

"It's not the destination, it's the journey"
Ralph Waldo Emerson